HitMan Harry-Mafia Wars Consigliere

HitMan Harry-Mafia Wars Consigliere

HitMan Harry-Mafia Wars Consigliere

HitMan Harry
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The Beginning of the Mafia

1897 Nov 24 -  Born Salvatore Lucania in Sicily,  Charles "Lucky" Luciano, put an end to the "Mustache Pete's", and layed the foundation for a nation wide Sydicate built on his experience of being the founding member of, Murder Inc.. While forming the "Commision", he was the first to see the need for the position of, Consigliere, within the Family structure.

By 1935, his strategies had earned him the title of, Boss of Bosses. After New York Attorney General Thomas Dewey gained national attention by busting Lucky's balls with over 60 felony charges, Mr. Luciano through a plea agreement wss allowed to return to his native country of Sicily, where during WWII he aided the American cause with the invasion of Sicily.

After WWII, America once again deported him back to the "home country" for getting to comfy in Cuba. Lucky was allowed back into the Unted States... after his death of a natural cause (heart attack) in 1962.

1930 Nov 16 - Salvatore Riina, aka The Beast, a Sicilian Mafioso was born in Corleone, Italy. He was a major player in what became known as the, Second Mafia Wars of 1981-1983

1957-Nov-14 - The Apalachin Meeting outside Binghamton, New York is raided by law enforcement. Many high level Mafia figures are arrested, finally proving to the FBI that the "Syndicate" existed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HitMan Harry Aleman-Mafia HitMan Dies at 71

"He was the hammer of the Chicago mob," said Lee Flosi, a former FBI agent who headed the Chicago office's organized crime section in the 1990s. "You never want him sitting the back seat of your car."

During the 1970s, just the mention of HitMan Harry Aleman's name was enough to strike fear into those whose doorsteps he happened upon

It made local history as the apparent first time in Cook County that a reputed organized crime hit man had been convicted of murder.

Aleman was in custody for the 1972 shotgun slaying of a union official and was suspected in nearly 20 others. He was sentenced to serve a term of 100 to 300 years.

The conviction made American legal history as the first time a criminal defendant had been tried again after an acquittal -- the judge had been bought off in his first trial, authorities said.

Half Italian, Aleman was born in 1939 in the Taylor Street area. By the early 1970s, he had a reputation as an enforcer for various crews in the Outfit, Flosi said. His job was intimidation, and if people engaging in illegal activity neglected to pay the tribute to the local Outfit boss, they would get a visit from Aleman, and just the sight of him was often enough to get wayward bookmakers to toe the line.

"He had that kind of fear," said Flosi, who later met Aleman in the 1990s. "He was an intimidating presence."

Added John Drummond, a retired longtime reporter for WBBM-Ch. 2 who covered Aleman's trials: "You were in trouble if you looked in your rear-view mirror and saw [Hitman]Harry Aleman."

On Saturday, (May 15, 2010) HitMan Harry Aleman died at Hill Correctional Center.
Illinois corrections spokeswoman Sharyn Elman said Aleman had been ill and there were no suspicious circumstances around his death, which happened at about 3:50 p.m., according to the Knox County coroner's office.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mafia Wars Undergoes Changes
Mafia Wars continues to undergo changes, including new procedures for establishing "Properties" in different countries. In the beginning, you had to purchase the business at full value, and then build up the business. Now you can start a business with a much smaller investment and increase it's monetary output by reinvesting the profits. Also there are new business that can be built, such as a Weapons Depot and a Chop Shop.

These businesses are unique in that they are built with the help of your Mafia Family. You put the word out that you need parts and your Family contributes to it's growth. Although you will accumulate the necessary parts, they are not used in your business, they are to share with other to help build theirs. A true Family effort.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Choosing your Mafioso Personality
Choosing your status in Mafia Wars is important, especially because once it is choosen, you can not change it!

There are 3 different types of Mafiosos: Mogul, Maniac and Fearless.
Each have their own special characteristics that give strength to the Family as a whole. They also have special abilities that give them unique chances at performing certain tasks.

A Mogul has the unique status of the only type of character to be able to be promoted to a, Bagman. which allows a chance to get double money from performing jobs. Your income from investments  comes in slighty quicker, averaging about 2 hours worth of extra income within a 24 hour period.
A Mogul Mafioso is all about the money.

A Maniac gets to be promoted by another Don to a Button Man, which gives you a chance to automatically win any fight you initiate. This can save Stamina and allow you to "share the wealth" of your acheivement with the others in your family. Your energy regenerates in a 3 minute span, verses 5 for the rest. Within a 24 hour period, dats quite a bit of energy!
A Maniac Mafioso is all about the energy.

A Fearless character's  health regenerates at a faster rate and your contribution to the Family is being a Wheel Man. Whenever you perform a job, there is a chance that a job will not cost any energy.
A Fearless Mafioso is all about the health.
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A Mafia Moment

Don Joseph Profaci: I say we make Charlie Luciano head of our National Commission. Who agrees?
[Everybody at the table raises his hand... with the exception of Capone, who sits at the head of the table opposite Lucky]
Lucky: You want it, Al? It's yours.
Al "Scarface" Capone: No, I want you to do it. It's just that Julius Caesar never took no vote.
Lucky: That's why Julius Caesar ended up dead in the street.
[Capone raises his hand at last]
Lucky: ... Any other business?

"Never hate your enemies, it clouds your judgement"