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HitMan Harry Becomes An Animated Series

HitMan Harry and the Vegas Baby! virtual world, becomes an animated series. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures. This is the introduciton.


thu, april 14, 2011 | link          Comments

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"The name is HitMan Harry - Got Dat!" [ trade mark dat! ]
HitMan Harry

Alphabet Agency Profile of HitMan Harry

Owner of Vegas Baby!
(The Virtual World where... Nothing is Real, Anything is Possible)

Coffee and Contraband Importer
Cosa Nostra Don
CFO of Assassin Central™.

Other Aliases:
Bob Money
Don Swan
Agent 88™
William "Slick Willy" Clinton
Harry Manaccio
Harry Gantonnie
Double H
Also known in the KsW™, DarKside of the Mind™, Star Wars series as: Chewbacci

Known to suffer from Lycanthropy and likes Disco music.

Known for saying: Got Dat?™

HitMan Harry is to be considered, Armed with Wit and Dangerous in Debate
His special weapons are his hands.

An avid collector of Checker Auto Cabs and Antique History books,
HitMan Harry holds a, B.S. Degree in Linguistics from Norte Dame University.

[Alphabet Agency Disclaimer]
It is to note that H.H.'s N.D.U., B.S.degree appears after his purchase of the school.
Also, any resemblence to any former American President is merely coincidence.

[LINk] HitMan Harry-Mafia Wars Consigliere

HitMan Harry Checker Auto Cab-Follow his travels on Blogger [ link ]

I've got your number
and it's

Coming Soon, Vegas Baby!
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